Mandy’s Story

Mandy Blevins

is a forty-seven year old single mother to three, and a first time grandmother to a sweet baby girl born in late January of 2023. Mandy has spent the majority of her life selflessly providing her children with the best lives she could possibly provide for them, and proves to carry this same devotion as a grandmother. With her family, she enjoys diving into new television series, trying new activities such as kayaking, and visiting the Florida beaches when possible, where she likes to soak up the sun and hunt for unique shells.

At the age of just thirty-four, Mandy was diagnosed with Autosomal-Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease, a genetic disorder that causes fluid-filled sacs called cysts to build up on the kidneys, inhibiting the kidneys from functioning. Unfortunately, this disorder has no cure, and the only treatment options are dialysis or a kidney transplant. In April of 2022, Mandy was approved for the kidney transplant list, a list that contains about 92,000 people awaiting a kidney. This is why organ donation is so vital. 

Our mission is to help spread awareness about the possibilities of live organ donation and the life-saving impact that it has, all while putting forth the effort of searching for a live kidney donor for Mandy, and even others through the paired donor exchange program. It is our greatest hope that you find the inspiration to find out how you can help save the lives of many by continuously spreading awareness and looking further into this cause. 


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